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Jordan - World Breakfast Allday

[Japanese and greeting] the cultural theory to think | ... Jordan [wheat Nan olive ter building food cultures]. Tabiru be of spice in Arabic. It is characterized by heavy use of strong spices. Most Arab countries around the Mediterranean Sea belongs to the food cultures, we also similar food culture so or was originally the same country. In the morning, go to buy a Pita in the neighborhood of the bakery, it is common to eat with Honmosu and Babagan'nushu that is chilled in the refrigerator. Pita Pita bread fermented enough time by the addition of yeast, which is eaten on a daily basis in the Middle East. Because it is hollow, you can eat in the sandwich across the such as falafel. Falafel Falafel is dumpling-shaped bean croquette that are eaten in a wide region to North Africa from the Middle East. This chick peas per Jordan, but Egypt will be broad bean. Boiled chickpeas in olive oil, paste mixed with such as sesame paste Tahini, Honmosu Hummus. Pour the olive oil to make a recess when the Serve. Salad chopped the Arab district of finely vegetables, fat over Pradesh Fattoush.

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